Dot Hacker “Floating Up The Stairs” LIVE at the Speakeasy

Josh Klinghoffer with Neon Neon - Hollywood (Mar 17, 2008)

Josh Klinghoffer with Neon Neon - Hollywood (Mar 17, 2008)

The Bicycle Thief Reunites for Hard Rock Hotel (Oct 03, 2013)

By Takayuki Okada

Dot Hacker “Elevator” LIVE at the Speakeasy

Anonymous: Great blog! Do you know where to find "how's your process?" lyrics?

Thank you so much! Yes, check it,there lyrics made by fans

Video trailer for How’s Your Process? (Work) [x]




Dot Hacker
Based in: Los Angeles, CA
Photos by: Total Assault
Interview by: Ashley Bulayo

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DOT HACKER performs the song “MEMORY” for BalconyTV.[x]

DOT HACKER performs the song “MEMORY” for BalconyTV.

"Floating Up the Stairs" - Dot Hacker  @ The Chapel, San Francisco

How’s Your Process? (Work) is officially out! However you can already stream it here

To celebrate this long-awaited date, we will start a special edition of the “JOSH MAIL”, through which we will send to Josh Klinghoffer only questions related to the new album and Dot Hacker!

Send your questions to: until JULY 10! 

Thanks to all who made it a happy album release day for “How’s Your Process? (Work)”! [-]

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer Premieres New LP From His Band Dot Hacker

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